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Top Class Burger:

During my last visit to Osaka for the Chateau Margaux wine dinner, I stayed at the Ritz Carlton hotel.  Exhausted from a full day of cooking, I retired to my room and ordered room service so I could enjoy a bit of peace and quiet.  To my surprise, the menu included a Cheese burger (of 120gms) for an amazing price of approximately USD 40!  I was curious in discovering what kind of burger could be of such value, and so I ordered it.  Thirty minutes later, a succulent aroma of a fresh beef pattie covered by melted cheese surrounded me.  As I sunk my teeth into the slightly toasted bun, I was overwhelmed by pure deliciousness!  The beef used for this dish is 100% Wagyu and simply melts in your mouth.  After gobbling up the last morsels of this delightful burger I was almost tempted to order a second one regardless of how full I already was.  I can only suggest to anyone who makes a trip to the Ritz Carlton Osaka to definitely order this treat from room service!  Hats off to the chef for one of the best burgers I've every tried!

Senjitu Osaka ni C.M. no event de itta toki ni yonaka ni room service (Ritz Carlton) tanomu koto ni shita menu desu!! Kono item no kingaku niwa saisho kizukimasen deshita( 3,800) Cheese burger ni shitewa takasughiru to...sore wa taberu made no kankaku deshita!! Niku wa subete Whagyu beef de(120gr.)volume wa sugokatta!! Nani ga osusume ka to yuu to kore wo taberu to honto ni niku no aji wo ajiwaemasu,shikamo ichiryu no niku de gyaku ni yasui to omou gurai aji ni manzoku saseraremasu!! Room service niwa kore wo zehi tanonde mite kudasai! Shippai shimasen!!!

Buon Appetito!


May 25, 2009 |


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tank's for your cuming at my restaurant.Ciao SNOW

Posted by: Salvatore to SNOW | May 30, 2009, 9:08:11 PM

thanks for the info.
I actually had dinner at your restaurant instead of Ritz Calton Osaka last night. haha.
it was great!

Posted by: Snow | May 29, 2009, 3:37:17 PM

Ciao SNOW,you can have burger in Caffe shop(1fl.)of ritz carlton to..Please dont forget to go at my restaurant in Osaka,take 2 min.walk from Ritz Carlton..
can see adress at this page:

Posted by: Salvatore to Snow | May 29, 2009, 3:39:51 AM

wow! the burger sounds great!
you can only have it as the room service?
if not, i'd swing by and have it @ Ritz Carlton Oska this weekend!

Posted by: snow | May 28, 2009, 2:20:22 PM

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