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Charity Gala Dinner at Issimo - Shanghai


Issimo continues to promote different Italian regions through "Gutso!".  Gusto!, (meaning taste in italian) is a series of culinary promotions that introduce authentic and traditional dishes from the four main gastronomic regions of Italy (Campania, Lombardia, Piemonte & Sicily). 

Sicilian specialities will now be served between June 24-30, where Sicilian native, guest Chef Salvatore Boscarello will demonstrate his culinary talents, replacing the original Issimo menu (aside from Issimo signature dishes that will remain) with dishes such as:

* Involtini di melanzane alla trapanese con mozzarella di bufala, insalata di arance e mandorle (Eggplant rolls stuffed with buffalo mozzarella cheese with citrus and almond salad).

* Braciole alla siciliana (Pan-fried roll of veal filled with capocollo ham and buffalo mozzarella cheese, thyme and white wine sauce)

Linguine con tonno, verdurine e bottarga al profumo di origano (Linguine with seared tuna, vegetables, oregano and bottarga);

The key event during this week long promotion is a Charity Gala Dinner hosted on June 25th, offering a special 5 course Sicilian menu and whose proceeds will all be donated to the *Chi Heng Foundation by Yenn Wong, owner of the Jia hotel. 

* Chi Heng Foundation: a foundation supporting children who are affected by AIDS

We look forward to seeing you at this unique and meaningful event!

Mata Shanghai de 6/25 nichi ni Charity Gala Dinner menu ga youi shiteimasu,kono hi no uriaghe wa subete China de umareta kodomotachi de ryushin ga (AIDS) ni kansen shiteite ima ghen jiten demo chiroyu ni kakatteru kodomo no tame no bokin desu!! Zehi gokyouroku kudasai!! Omachi shiteimasu!!

at Shanghai Issimo by Salvatore Cuomo


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