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Napoli ni...

Shanghai to Frankfurt (transit) to Rome

In total the trip lasted a long 24 hours!

During and after the flight to Frankfurt, I realized that the crisis has indeed hit many industries - airline/airport.  The service quality and standards both of Lufthansa and the Frankfurt airport have decreased considerably. 

Regarding the food on board Lufthansa, everything was up to par, starting with Caviar, followed by Veal up until the assorted cheese platter.  However, by the time dessert arrived (apple pie), what I thought had been a decent in-flight meal was then destroyed...  The tart was dry and had a strong flavor of uncooked flour.  A disappointment.

Normally a big fan of this airline, I'm hoping that once the crisis eases a little, it will bring its level of service back up exceeding the high expectations of frequent business travelers.

Tomorrow, I'll be flying back to Shanghai with my return ticket on Lufthansa, and am keeping fingers crossed that the service will differ! 

Stay tuned! 

Shanghai-Frankfurt-Roma(Roma kara Napoli wa kuruma deshita!!)

jikan zembu awaseru to 24 jikan mo kakatte shimaimashita...

Kinou wa Lufthansa dshita no de shokuji niwa manzoku shimashita...Frankfurt airport de service ga kanari waruku natte shimaimashit no de,kezai ga umaku ittenai koto wa ironna houmen kara kanjiraremasu!




Apple tart wa imaichi deshita...Shime ga dessert warui to...subete dainashi ni natte shimauno de..mottainai!



Mata ashita Shanghai ni modoranakereba naranai no de kanari kitzui no desu...Gambarimasu!

June 4, 2009 |


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