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Dinner in Shanghai.../上海でのディナー


My dinner this evening was not quite what I was hoping for.  I can eat just about anything, from strange insects, to offal to many other things.  However the one and practically only thing, my taste buds really cannot accept is coriander!!  Tonight, in a Chinese restaurant, I specifically repeated (at least 5 times) that I did NOT want any coriander in any of my dishes.  Out of about the 10 dishes I ordered, 9 came with coriander!!!  Quite the nightmare.  Perhaps I should start working on my Mandarin...  I have heard once that the dislike for coriander was actually genetic.  Either you carry the gene (that makes you actually enjoy it) or you simply don't, to the point that the mere smell of it will have you feeling repulsed.  Odd isn't it? 


November 25, 2009 |


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