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Ferrero Mon Cheri..My preferred chocolate.




As a child, I was always thrilled to get a hold of a few Mon Cheri Chocolates...  I most enjoyed the fact that though it contains cherry flavored liquor, it showed no indication that underaged children were prohibited from consuming this delicate treat.  As my preferred chocolate, I must admit that I may have had a few too many as a child, and there had been times I am convinced that my friends and I may have been faintly intoxicated.  Back in the old days the chocolates were only served in packs of 3.  To my delight, these days, Mon Cheri is now sold in larger boxes particularly for Christmas!  My alcohol tolerance has developed since my childhood days, so I think I can handle a bigger box now...  Christmas after all is a time for indulging sinfully in sweets and rich foods!  So rid yourself of that guilty feeling and simply enjoy!!!


Mon Cheri......

November 28, 2009 |


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