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To Haneda:/羽田へ

Haneda ni mukattemasu..

 Today I am on my way to the Haneda airport in an MK Taxi (Tokyo).  This is my 3rd trip in one week, between Tokyo and Shanghai.  This is common as the year end approaches, with business at its peak in preparation for the festive season.  In four days, Japanese Restaurant An and Pizza Salvatore Cuomo (Y’s Table Dining & Bar – Shanghai) will begin its delivery service of bentos and pizzas to buildings surrounding the SWFC.  Shortly after, I return to Tokyo to follow up on other events.
A big thanks to all the customers who attended the opening of the Ikebukero restaurant yesterday evening!  Your support is greatly appreciated!

PS: The MK Taxis in Tokyo are definitely some of the best taxis I've taken in this city! Great service and comfortable seats...

November 19, 2009 |


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