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I caught a cold in Shanghai! A simple Chinese Traditional Medicine recipe for a bad cough...



Shanghai's weather these days has been changing sporadically: one day its warm, the next the temperature drops by 10 degrees...  Inevitably, I have come down with a terrible cold, suffering from a bad chest cough.  With my hectic work schedule, I am often inclined to popping a few of the "western" pills, as they work rather quickly. 


However, this time I decided to resort to Chinese traditional medicine to try its slower but deeper healing effects.  Being a strong believer in the ancient traditions of China's Yin & Yang food philosophy, I did a bit of research on how I could soothe this awful cough of mine.


From my symptoms, I was quickly able to determine that in fact, this cold was a result of having excessive "yang" or "heat" in my body.  In order to dispel this heat, I found a recipe using pears and rock sugar.  The pear, which in China is considered a "cooling" fruit is highly effective for calming "heat"  coughs. 


The recipe was quite simple:

1) Take one or two pears (in China their pears are quite crunchy and juicy, so I'm assuming almost any juicy pear will do), peel them and remove the core.

2) Prepare a double boiling pan, or a steamer with plenty of water for steaming.

3) Embed 4-5 pieces of crystal sugar (冰糖) into the fruit's flesh

4) Place the pear(s) in a bowl (small enough to fit into the double boiling pan)

5) Add 6-8 more pieces of crystal sugar (like rock sugar) in the bowl along with the pear(s) and add 1/4 cup of water to the bowl.

6) Place bowl in steamer for 40 mins - 1 hr to allow the pear to "release" its juices

7) Remove the pear and drink the juice/soup from the bowl









November 30, 2009 |


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