以後、日本とイタリアを行き来しつつ修業を重ねる。父から学び、受け継いだ本場ナポリの味“ ナポリ・ピッツァ”を日本で一躍有名にした功労者。

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Still remaining within the theme of colds and flus, the perfect meal for me when I'm feeling sick is a simple minestrone, light, flavorful and full of nutrients and vitamins.

* 3 liters water / * 2 chicken stock cubes / * 2 medium sized carrots (chopped into mirepoix - 1cm x 1cm cubes) / * 3 stalks of celery (chopped into 1 cm slices) / * 150 gms string beans chopped into lenghts of 5 cm / * 3 medium sized potatoes chopped - mirepoix / * 100 gms mushrooms finely sliced / * 1 medium sized white onion chopped / * 2 cloves garlic / * 4 slices of bacon chopped / * 200 gms pasta - orechiette was used in this recipe / * 4 eggs / 60 gms parmesan cheese grated / * 1/2 bushel of Italian parsley finely chopped / * salt & pepper to taste

1) Bring 3 litres of water to boil (or your own home-made chicken stock) in a deep soup pot.

2) Add 2 chicken stock cubes.

3) Once the water is boiling, add celery, carrots and string beans.

4) In a separate pan, heat 3 table spoons of olive oil on medium heat and add the bacon, onions and garlic until onion is translucent.

5) Add sliced mushrooms to the pan and let the mushrooms sweat.  Add a little water if necessary to ensure the mushrooms don't get burned.

6) Once the mushrooms have softened, add the pan mixture into the pot of chicken stock and other vegetables and allow the vegetables to simmer for 15 mins. 

7) Then add the pasta and boil on high heat for slightly longer than the original pasta cooking time (as the soup is thicker than normal water - about 20% longer than what is indicated on the dry pasta package). In the meantime, prepare the following that you will see in the video below.


8) This is a very important point in making this particular Minestrone Soup.  Beat the 4 eggs together with a pinch of pepper until well mixed.  Then add the grated parmesan cheese and mix well.

9) After the pasta has been cooked through (in these kind of soups, pasta is not meant to be al dente), turn off the heat.  Then add the egg and parmesan mixture, as well as a drizzle of olive oil (for flavor) to the pot and stir until the soup is well blended. 

10) Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve hot accompanied by freshly baked bread.

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Shocking but its the truth...(Dried Dog Meat for Hot Pot)..MAMMA MIA!!!!

A few nights ago, I was walking down one of Shanghai's smaller streets when I came upon what seemed to be a rather popular hotpot restaurant.  Just outside the shop, I saw the usual laundry load hanging out to dry on a section of sidewalk for all to see... 

But what really caught my eye, was this unusual image you see above of a salted dried meat hung alongside the laundry...  Of course, anything related to food always captures my interest and so I took a closer look to further understand the Chinese culinary customs.  As I approached the meat, initially I thought it may have been the leg of a rabbit, but as I got closer I realised the leg was relatively larger...  Even compared to that of a cat's...  I finally managed to communicate with a gentleman standing near by to find out that this meat was in fact that of a dog's!!  I was horrified (as I am a dog lover - as in the pet), but remained polite and asked what it was used for.  The man pointed his finger towards the hot pot restaurant... 

Apparently, in China, dog meat is consumed particularly in winter time to "heat" the body (keep it warm).  It is often consumed in hot pots or in stews.  For those of you who do not wish to make the mistake of ordering dog (as I may have without knowing it!), look out for the following characters or descriptions in menus when visiting some local restaurants in China ("dog meat" may not always be so plainly written):

1) Xiang rou (香肉): fragrant meat

2) 3-6 xiang rou (三六香肉): in Cantonese refers to 3+6 = 9. The number 9 and dog in the Cantonese language are homophones.

3) Di yang (地羊): means mutton of the earth

I must articulate that NOT ALL Chinese eat dog meat.  In fact, in Shanghai it is rather rare to find a restaurant or a Shanghainese person that eats anything besides pork, beef, chicken and fish.  Most cringe when asked if they've ever tried dog meat.  The areas in China where dog meat is consumed are the Northeastern, Southern and Southwestern parts.   

For our culture we may find that eating dog is an atrocity, but we must remember that we all have our culinary differences, and at the end of the day, a meal is a meal.  After all, not so long ago, people used to think the Japanese were crazy for eating raw fish...  Now it is has become a trend! 


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Ume Cha../梅茶・・



Umeboshi (Japanese sour plum) is one of my favorite snacks.  The tartness of the plum practically has me falling off my chair each time I pop one into my mouth, and yet, I'm so addicted, I can eat these things by the dozen...  This obviously doesn't do wonders for the stomach though... 


Aside from being eaten on its own, this little treat can be added to a variety of beverages and dishes for a little extra kick.  I personally enjoy a cup of hot Japanese green tea with an ume plum floating within - relishing its tart yet delicate essence in harmony with the slight bitterness of the tea.


Another very particular yet nourishing tea is the Kombu Cha.  This tea blends the flavors of both Japanese dried seaweed together with the delicate aromas of green tea.


Both are very simple to make...  Brew your favorite Japanese green tea (mine is the gen mai cha that comprises of green tea leaves and popped rice) and add either an ume plum or a few slivers of Kombu to your green tea and steep for about 3 mins before taking a sip of the revitalising essence.


I normally drink these 2 types of tea on days I am not feeling well, or when I have come down with a cold.  This is not to say they are a remedy for illness, but somehow they give me a bit of a lift when I'm not feeling 100%...


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I caught a cold in Shanghai! A simple Chinese Traditional Medicine recipe for a bad cough...



Shanghai's weather these days has been changing sporadically: one day its warm, the next the temperature drops by 10 degrees...  Inevitably, I have come down with a terrible cold, suffering from a bad chest cough.  With my hectic work schedule, I am often inclined to popping a few of the "western" pills, as they work rather quickly. 


However, this time I decided to resort to Chinese traditional medicine to try its slower but deeper healing effects.  Being a strong believer in the ancient traditions of China's Yin & Yang food philosophy, I did a bit of research on how I could soothe this awful cough of mine.


From my symptoms, I was quickly able to determine that in fact, this cold was a result of having excessive "yang" or "heat" in my body.  In order to dispel this heat, I found a recipe using pears and rock sugar.  The pear, which in China is considered a "cooling" fruit is highly effective for calming "heat"  coughs. 


The recipe was quite simple:

1) Take one or two pears (in China their pears are quite crunchy and juicy, so I'm assuming almost any juicy pear will do), peel them and remove the core.

2) Prepare a double boiling pan, or a steamer with plenty of water for steaming.

3) Embed 4-5 pieces of crystal sugar (冰糖) into the fruit's flesh

4) Place the pear(s) in a bowl (small enough to fit into the double boiling pan)

5) Add 6-8 more pieces of crystal sugar (like rock sugar) in the bowl along with the pear(s) and add 1/4 cup of water to the bowl.

6) Place bowl in steamer for 40 mins - 1 hr to allow the pear to "release" its juices

7) Remove the pear and drink the juice/soup from the bowl









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Wine Dinner at Daikanyama XeX:/ワインディナー@XEX代官山




Last Friday evening on Nov. 27, Daikanyama XeX hosted a special wine dinner organized both by Mr. Satake (Head Sommelier of Y's table Corporation) and Chef Yamane (Executive Chef of XeX Group).  Customers who attended this event received the recipe for one of the key dishes - the pasta - which they could take home to attempt to cook on their own.  We plan on organizing more of these events in the future to encourage our guests to try a few of our recipes in the comfort of their own kitchens. 

先週の金曜の夜(11月27日) XEX 代官山で佐竹氏(Y's table CORPORATIONのチーフソムリエ)と山根シェフ(XEXグループのエグゼクティブシェフ)によるスペシャルワインディナーが開催されました。このイベントに参加されたお客様は鍵となる夜いの一つのレシピが渡されました。それは、-パスターで、ご家庭で調理していただけるように、もって替えれるようにしました。我々はお客様が自宅で快適に調理が出来るように我々のいくつかのレシピをオススメできるイベントを近々計画するようにします。

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Cooking lesson in Shanghai 2:/料理教室in上海2



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Cooking lessons in Shanghai:料理教室in上海

We are offering Italian cooking classes for anyone who loves to spend time in the kitchen for their own pleasure or for the pleasure of others!  In the future we plan on expanding the lessons to include Japanese, Korean and Chinese cuisines as well as bread making.  Our dedicated Chef Boscariello has been teaching Italian cuisine for several months now with great success!  Next February and March, I will be hosting several of the cooking classes myself.  For any Italian food fans out there, I will be keeping you posted for my classes very soon!  For booking classes, call Y's table Shanghai for more details.  Classes are normally held on Saturdays, however, for groups of 6 or more people, we can extend flexibility for week days too.  Y's table +(86 21) 6877 6865

私たちは自分やそれ以外の人たちの喜びのためにキッチンで時間を過ごすことが好きな人たちのためにイタリアン料理教室を開催しています。近々、私たちは日本料理や韓国料理や中華料理やパン作りにも拡大していくつもりです。私たちの専属シェフ、ボスカリエッロは何ヶ月間かイタリアンを教えていてとても成功しています!次回2月と3月は僕が料理教室をいくつかやるつもりです。イタリア料理ファンのために公表し近々この教室について投稿します!この教室に申し混むには上海のY's table へ電話して詳細を聞いてください。教室は通常土曜日に行われますが、6かそれ以上の人数のグループだと、私たちはフレキシブルに延期することも出来ます。

上海Y's table +(86 21) 6877 6865


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Ferrero Mon Cheri..My preferred chocolate.




As a child, I was always thrilled to get a hold of a few Mon Cheri Chocolates...  I most enjoyed the fact that though it contains cherry flavored liquor, it showed no indication that underaged children were prohibited from consuming this delicate treat.  As my preferred chocolate, I must admit that I may have had a few too many as a child, and there had been times I am convinced that my friends and I may have been faintly intoxicated.  Back in the old days the chocolates were only served in packs of 3.  To my delight, these days, Mon Cheri is now sold in larger boxes particularly for Christmas!  My alcohol tolerance has developed since my childhood days, so I think I can handle a bigger box now...  Christmas after all is a time for indulging sinfully in sweets and rich foods!  So rid yourself of that guilty feeling and simply enjoy!!!


Mon Cheri......

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Kid's Area in Y's Table Shanghai.../上海のY's tableのキッズエリア


The winter chill has many of us with children wondering how we can keep them entertained without keeping them locked up at home all day!  Come and spend some weekend time with us at Y's table, where on Saturdays and Sundays for Shanghai's popular family / friendly brunches, an area at the Bar/Cafe has been specially designated for our "little" friends' entertainment.  A great place for the whole family to relax!

冬の寒さは子供を一日中家に閉じ込めておかずにどうやって彼らを楽しませるか悩みます!そんなときはY's tableに来てすごしてみてはいかがでしょうか。土曜と日曜はバーとカフェのエリアが子供の遊び場になります。家族全員でリラックスできる素晴らしい場所ですよ!

At The BAR area..


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Sake & Yakitori BAR in Y's Table Shanghai:上海のY's tableの酒と焼き鳥BAR




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Dinner in Pizza Salvatore Cuomo Shanghai(Pepper menu)




Andrea Quattrodolce



This evening’s special dinner menu was a great success! As per the menu, the starter comprised of mozzarella wrapped in Parma ham grilled and then baked in the oven with a delicate reduction of 3 different types of tomatoes (green tomato, cherry tomato, normal tomato). Beside the mozzarella, I created a unique fusion of Chawanmushi topped with wagyu beef steak tartare, a dollop of parmesan cream and a fragrant sliver of black truffle.

For the Primo Piatto, I prepared a portion of porcini flavored pasta accompanied by a grilled jumbo prawn and tuna tartare blended with aromatic Japanese Matsutake and bottarga (Italian dried fish roe).

Following was the first Secondo Piatto, which was a seafood soup made with clams, crab, shrimp and red gurnard. A Chinese style crispy rice wedge was served on the side that could be submerged into the soup, which replaced the bread that is normally used for most Italian fish broths.

The second Secondo Piatto was a melt-in-the-mouth tagliata made with Australian wagyu beef, topped with slivers of grilled bell peppers and mozzarella and paired with rucola and a syrupy wine and Sichuan pepper reduction. The side consisted of a creamy parmesan-potato puree.

Finally, the surprise dessert “Quattro” consisted of a white chocolate mousse flavored with truffle and decorated with flakes of gold, a cheesecake topped with berries, one chocolate and one caramel macaroon accompanied by a red peppercorn and white chocolate coulis and finally, one of my personal favorites, the classic yet palate-pleasing chocolate fondant (hot melted chocolate cake).

Once again, we extend a warm thanks to the customers who joined us this evening! 

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Buon Giorno Zuwaigani...(Grancevola artica)



Today our new Zuwaigani crab promotion begins at our XeX restaurants in Tokyo and Osaka.  In celebration of Hokkaido's famed succulent winter crab we have created a special tasting menu for Japanese food aficionados and seafood fans alike.  Residing in the sand and mud around 200 to 450 meters below the surface, these giant crustaceans are caught by giant nets sweeping the sea floor.  The delicate and tender meat of these long legged creatures is most often eaten as sashimi or bathed in a shabu-shabu hotpot.  We look forward to welcoming you to XeX very soon to savor these seasonal crabs! 


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Dinner Menu of today:今夜のメニュー

Zuppa di pesce with chinese crispy rice wedge.


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Today's Dinner at Y's Shanghai:上海Y's tableの今日のディナー


After events with my chef team...Giorgio,Andrea,Salvatore,Franco,Luigi..Tank's to all customers tonight..


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Special menu at Pizza Salvatore & Grill tonight..


Tonight will be a busy night!  I will be preparing a very special menu tonight that I concocted just now!  Inspiration comes unexpectedly...  Come to Y's table Shanghai tonight to enjoy the meal below!!  Looking forward to seeing you there! 

今夜はとても忙しい夜になります!僕は今出来たばかりのスペシャルなメニューを用意します!突然インスピレーションがわきました。上海のY's tableに来てこのお食事を楽しんでください!!会えるのを楽しみにしています!
Menu at CNY 600

Antipasto - A duo of Mozzarella di bufala wrapped in Parma Ham and Japanese style savory egg pudding topped with Wagyu beef tartare

Primo Piatto - Mushroom flavored tagliatelle topped with delicate Japanese Matsutake (mushroom) on a bed of king prawn, served with tuna tartare

Secondo Piatto (fish) - Traditional Italian style seafood soup with a Chinese style crispy rice wedge

Secondo Piatto (meat) - Beef Tagliatta topped with Mozzarella di bufala, accompanied by a delicate sichuan pepper red wine reduction and rucola oil

Dolce - Special dessert "Quattro"   

Buon Appetito..


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Osechi Japan..XeX group:/日本の"おせち"



Traditionally, the first 3 days of the New Year were symbolically meant to be days of rest.  Housewives who were the cooks of the family were therefore banned from doing any work in the kitchen.  And so, to keep the bellies of their loved ones full over the New Year, the women of the household would spend several days before New Year's Eve preparing the Osechi bentos for the entire family to eat.

As the generations have changed over recent years, less and less women stay at home or have time to prepare Osechi before New Year's and so, LET US DO THE WORK FOR YOU!

Today is the start of our Osechi (cold bento meal) offer in Japan!  This year, Chef Omae, Patissier Tsujiguchi, Barrista Paul Bassett and myself have created an exquisite 3 layer Osechi box comprising of both Japanese and Italian delicacies for the whole family and friends to enjoy.

Order your Osechi set online NOW on the XeX Premium website!




Please check our web site!
Url: Osechi Japan1
Online order: Osechi Japan

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Wine Dinner at XeX Daikanyama tonight:ワインディナーXEX代官山(今夜!)

Download:  「2009.pdf」XeX Daikanyama

This evening at the XeX Daikanyama (Tokyo), we have a very special wine pairing dinner organized by our Head Sommmelier (Mr.Satake) and our head Chef Mr.Yamane both of the XeX Group...  I wish those of you attending this event an enjoyable dinner with plenty of enjoyable wine drinking!  Always a fabulous way to start the weekend!


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Shabu Shabu dinner.../しゃぶしゃぶディナー・・・

Today I am having dinner with a bunch of friends at a friend's home and we are enjoying a delicious shabu-shabu dinner.  I prepared a home made sesame sauce (goma tare) that consists of sesame paste, mirin, salt, sesame oil and some of the shabu-shabu soup.  To enhance the overall flavor, I also like to add some mentaiko (marinated roe of Pollock) to the sauce for a bit of a kick.  Now is the perfect season for a heart warming shabu-shabu to keep the chill of winter at bay!


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Today's fresh fish from market at Pizza Salvatore Cuomo Shanghai(PART2)





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Today's fresh fish from the market at Pizza Salvatore Cuomo Shanghai(PART1)






Today we received more fresh fish from the market.  One of my favorites of the lot was actually the Shanghai crab.  Normally this dish is accompanied by Chinese dark vinegar combined with sugar and finely chopped ginger (to balance the ying and yang of the body - based on Chinese traditional medicinal theories, the crab is "cold" and is balanced by the "hot" ginger), however at Y's table Shanghai, we serve this autumn favorite with a mustard vinaigrette.  The combination is simply delicious. So for the "da zha xie" fans out there, come on over and try out this new creation!

今日は市場から新鮮な魚介を仕入れました。私が気に入ったのは上海蟹です。普段この料理は砂糖とみじん切りにしたショウガと中国のダークビネガーが添えられます。(中国で蟹は伝統的な薬のセオリーにより体の陰と陽のバランスを取るために食べます(「冷」と「温」のバランスは酢で)。)しかし、上海のY's tableでは、この秋のごちそうはマスタードとビネグレットソースで食べます。このコンビネーションはとっても美味しいので、「大閘蟹」(da zha xie)ファンは広がるでしょうし、この新しいクリエーションをお楽しみください!Sany0009_2


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Y's Table & The BAR Shanghai Season's Greetings 2009~2010 brochure


Dowload: X'mas_brochure_22.pdf 


Dowload:  X'mas_brochure_1.pdf


Only 5 more days until the beginning of December; the month I consider to be the official start of the festive season!  This important period also marks the launch of Shanghai Y's table Dining & The BAR's first newsletter edition, created exclusively for the month of December.

もう後5日で12月です。この月は華やかなシーズンの始まりだと思っています。また、この重要な時期である12月のために上海Y's table Dining & The BAR初めてのパンフレットができます。

This holiday season edition shares exciting information about our different outlets' special menus (for Christmas Eve and day, New Year's Eve & day and other offers for December), Bottega's exquisite Christmas hampers and cakes, as well as The Kitchen Salvatore and Issimo's Christmas and New Year'specials. 

この祝日版は我々の特別メニュー(クリスマスイブ、クリスマス、大晦日、元旦、その他の依頼日のための)や(The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo やissimoのクリスマス&正月メニューと同じくらい良い)繊細なボッテガのクリスマスハンパーやケーキの情報が載っています。

More newsletters will follow, though more on a seasonal basis (the next newsletter will include the months of January, February and March in one).  This means I will be kept very busy, accompanied by my photography kit and MAC as I have now been dubbed the official photographer for food and promotional shots!!


We look forward to sharing this joyful period with you and your loved ones!  Make your bookings or order your hampers, cakes and osechi now!



Y's table Dining & The BAR: +(86 21) 6877 6865

The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo: +(86 21) 5054 0765

Issimo: +(86 21) 6217 9000

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Today's lunch - nori bento (Seaweed bento)/今日のランチ・海苔弁当

Since the launch of our bento delivery here at the Y's table Shanghai, I have been eating a bento every day (that makes 4 days in a row)...  This one in particular has been a favorite of our loyal Japanese clients - the Nori Bento (seaweed bento) which includes fish croquette, meat croquette, mentaiko (marinated roe of Pollock), seaweed and rice.  Keep the orders coming!! And Buon appetito!!

上海のY's tableでお弁当のデリバリーを告知して以来、毎日(4日連続)お弁当を食べています・・・これは我々の特別な日本人のクライアントに大好評です。「海苔弁当」魚とお肉のコロッケと明太子、そして海苔とご飯が入っています。注文お待ちしています!!ボナペティート!!

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Mr.Giorgio...from Bottega:ジョルジョFromボッテガ

Happy Thanksgiving from >Bottega!
Today Y's table Shanghai - Bottega is offering a special turkey lunch menu, served with brussel sprout and grilled pumpkin.
This special menu was a HUGEsuccess and sold out after 30 minutes!!!


今日は上海のY's tableでBOTTEGAがグリルしたカボチャとメキャベツ添えのスペシャルターキーランチメニューを提供しています。


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My Apple TEA.../私のアップルティー・・・

Normally an avid fan of the Sony VAIO PCs, I was finally convinced by a few (designer) friends to purchase an Apple MAC as I've been more and more involved in photo shootings for our numerous brochures and menus.  I have to say, the results have been extremely gratifying!  No matter for what kind of design, photo formatting etc., MAC is definitely the way to go.  The images take on a new meaning, and even an amateur would have professional designers convinced...  I was actually hesitant to change, fearing I would end up spending far too much time trying to adjust to apple's software, however, it ended up being much easier than I thought.  So here is just a glimpse of my new "pride and joy" accompanied, quite appropriately, by a nice cup of hot apple/fruit tea (my nightly brew before bed)!



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my prefered Chinese menu.../僕の完璧なチャイニーズメニュー







Above are some images of what my ideal menu/dinner would be! 


The first 3 images are from various restaurants and involve: sichuan lazijiding (spicy chicken pieces w/ sichuan pepper), crab meat with asparagus and a light vegetarian dish of tofu skin, bok choi (Cantonese pronounciatiaon) and black fungus.


The last 3 images are from one of my favorite Hunan restaurants in Shanghai, for its fabulous spicy cuisine, "Di Shui Dong".  There are several outlets in Shanghai, but my personal favorite is still the one on Maoming South Road.  Here is the address for any spicy food enthusiasts who enjoy the masochistic chili-burning sensation of authentic Hunan cuisine!


"Di Shui Dong"  Chinese restaurant.

2/F, 56 Maoming Nan Road (Maoming South Road), near Changle Road.  Tel: 6253 2689  

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Dinner in Shanghai.../上海でのディナー


My dinner this evening was not quite what I was hoping for.  I can eat just about anything, from strange insects, to offal to many other things.  However the one and practically only thing, my taste buds really cannot accept is coriander!!  Tonight, in a Chinese restaurant, I specifically repeated (at least 5 times) that I did NOT want any coriander in any of my dishes.  Out of about the 10 dishes I ordered, 9 came with coriander!!!  Quite the nightmare.  Perhaps I should start working on my Mandarin...  I have heard once that the dislike for coriander was actually genetic.  Either you carry the gene (that makes you actually enjoy it) or you simply don't, to the point that the mere smell of it will have you feeling repulsed.  Odd isn't it? 


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Tzukiji Ghindako at Shanghai:上海の築地銀だこ

Today I would like to introduce one of our food stations here at the Y's table Dining and the BAR in Shanghai...  This is Gindako, the first of the highly popular Japanese "takoyaki" (Octopus dumplings) chain outlets to open in mainland China so far.  So for Japanese food lovers, stop by our restaurant and grab a box of 8 piping hot dumplings, covered in delicious sauce and  dried "dancing" bonito flakes to consume on-site or take it to go!

今日はうちのY's table Dining & The BARにある銀だこを紹介します。中国初の出店でここでしか今のところ買えません。お待ちしていています。

Buon Appetito!!!

URL:Tzukiji Ghindako

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Good Morning...おはようございます・・・

Issimo by Salvatore Cuomo in Shanghai

If there's one thing we know how to do best, its to kick back, relax and enjoy life!  Come to Issimo and kick start your weekend with an aperitif - the Italian way - enjoying aromatic wines and refreshing cocktails, as well as tatalizing appetizers!

上海のissimo by Salvatore Cuomoでの新しいプロモーションです。毎週金曜日にはAperitivoタイムをスタートさせました。内容はワイン1杯かカクテルを選んでもらって、そこには前菜のブッフェもあって、食べ放題です。金額はRMB80です。お待ちしています。

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Osechi at Shanghai:上海のおせち

I just finished taking photos of our New Year Osechi sets here in Y's table Dining and The BAR Shanghai...  There is a slight difference between Japan and Shanghai when I'm getting ready for Osechi season...  Here, I actually have to take the photographs too...  3 hours photo shooting for two Osechi sets...  I'm feeling slightly worn out...  It has been a long day...

今やっと上海のY's table Dining & The BARの"お正月おせち"の撮影が終わりました・・・おせちの準備では日本と上海とで少し違いがありました。ここでは実際に私が写真を撮らなければいけません・・・3時間で2種類のおせちを撮影しました・・・ちょっと疲れました・・・とっても長い一日です・・・

Y's table Shanghai is Offering 2 Osechi sets this year and the prices are as follows: CNY 700: 2 level box / CNY 1000: 3 level box

上海のY's tableは2種類のおせちをご用意しています。CNY700:2段/CNY1000:3段

Call Y's table Shanghai NOW and order your New Year Osechi!!  The VERY special offer is limited to only 150 pieces! 




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From Seoul*ソウルより





Only in Seoul can one find such a spectacular sight of Chinese cabbage, large white radish and deep red chilli peppers pyramids in a market specializing in kimuchi fare! 


Below, our newest lunch menu at The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo Seoul.

下は我々のThe Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo 韓国の新しいランチメニューです


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From the start of the morning, the bento delivery team was very busy with bookings of over 70 pieces!  As you can see from the video, Mr. Uto (who is overseeing the bento delivery project) had a very very busy day!  From the Y's table team in Shanghai - a big "THANK YOU" to our loyal bento customers! 

Buon Appetito!

朝が始まってから70レシピを超えるブッキングで、弁当デリバリーチームは大忙しです!!ビデオを見てもらったら分かりますが、ウトさん(弁当デリバリープロジェクトの責任者)は非常に急がしい一日です!我々のロイヤルお弁当を購入してくださったお客様、本当にありがとうございます。Y's table上海のスタッフ一同より。


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From The Pizza Salvatore Cuomo & Grill Shanghai.../上海のPIZZA SALVAORE CUOMO & GRILLから・・・

At the Pizza Salvatore Cuomo Shanghai we have started a new promotion of fresh fish and seafood delivered daily and sold by weight.  For those having difficulty in finding fresh seafood in Shanghai, search no longer!  Our chef Salvatore Boscariello is waiting to whip up a few of his favorite dishes just for you! 

上海のPIZZA SALVATORE CUOMOでは新鮮な魚介類を量り売りでお届けする新しいプロモーションをスタートしました。上海では新鮮な魚介類を探すのは難しいのですが、もう探す必要はありません!我々のシェフSalvatoreのBoscarielloがあなたの為に大好きな料理を手早く造るのを楽しみに待っています!!


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Bottega at Shanghai...上海のBOTTEGA・・・


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Delivery Start....in Shanghai(Japanese Cucine An)/上海でデリバリースタート





Today, the Y’s table Dining & the Bar’s An Japanese Cuisine and Pizza Salvatore Cuomo & Grill have officially launched their lunch delivery service, a project I have been working on for the past few months. The area that we currently deliver to is limited to the close proximity of the Shanghai World Financial Center. However, we plan on delivering to a wider crowd as soon as possible, so bento and pizza lovers can enjoy lunch inside the office, escaping the winter chill of Shanghai.

今日、僕がここ2、3ヶ月の間取り組んでいたプロジェクトである、上海のY's table Dining & The BARにある、日本料理AnとPIZZA SALVATORE CUOMO & GRILLのランチデリバリーサービスが正式にスタートしました。配達できるエリアは今のところ上海ワールドフィナンシャルセンターに限られていますが、なるべく早くこのエリアを拡大したいと思っています。お弁当やピッツァ好きの人たちが会社の中で、上海の冬の寒さからにげて、ランチを楽しめるように。

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Soffritto Napoletano:ナポリ風ソフリット

This very particular dish uses the discrete sweetness of paprika as the key spice to enhance the overall flavor.





In Naples, this dish originally consists of using offal from the pig, however (as in this recipe above), for those who are less inclined to enjoying such delicacies, ox tail, beef tendon, pork ribs and pork bones can be used instead.


Normally eaten as a stew, it can also be served as a thick delicious spicy sauce to accompany freshly boiled pasta.


This dish originates from slaughter houses in Naples, where those who were employed to butcher the animals were too poor to afford proper meat.  Therefore, they were given the "rests" to fill their hungry bellies.  The chilli peppers, paprika and bay leaves were used as a way of overpowering the strong smell/flavors of the offal.  This dish is found at
Pizza Salvatore Cuomo restaurants in Japan (using offal).

このお料理はナポリの食肉処理場から生まれたのですが、そこでは正式なお肉を買うことが出来ないような貧しい人たちが、食肉用に動物を処理するために雇われていました。なので、空腹を満たすために"休息"として与えたのです。チリコショウ、パプリカ、ローリエ等は臓物の強い匂いを消すために使われました。この料理は日本のPIZZA SALVATORE CUOMOで召し上がっていただけます(臓物を使っています)。

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From Jia Hong Kong*


URL: JIA Hong Kong

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Illumination at Shanghai(SWFC)






The Shanghai World Financial Center is now beautifully lit up to welcome in the Christmas season!  These spectacular lights were designed to match those of Roppongi Hills and the gigantic magnet sculpture was brought over from the Mori Group museum in Tokyo. 

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Panettone........my love...../大好きな・・・Panettone・・・・・・

It was during this glorious season that I first discovered the beautiful Panettone...  Sweet, delicate and fluffy, this delectable Christmas bread originating from Milan can be enjoyed throughout the festive season until after the new year.  I await impatiently each year for this season to come, so I can once again enjoy generous slices of this heavenly bread.


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Li Guang Hong at The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo Shanghai

Today, we were very pleased to welcome Mr. Li Guang Hong to The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo,  Shanghai.  One of the most famous opera singers (coming from China) in Japan, Mr. Li will be singing at the Herbis Plaza ENT in Osaka on 7 March 2010.  Before coming to dine at XeX West on this day, please do make a stop to listen to Mr. Li's unforgettable songs.

今日上海のThe Kitchen Salvatore Cuomoに日本で活躍されているオペラ歌手のLiさんが着てくれました・・・今は日本での活躍はかなりすごいです。今度の3月7日には大阪のハービスエントでコンサートが行われますので、XEXに行く前に行ってください!!

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To Haneda:/羽田へ

Haneda ni mukattemasu..

 Today I am on my way to the Haneda airport in an MK Taxi (Tokyo).  This is my 3rd trip in one week, between Tokyo and Shanghai.  This is common as the year end approaches, with business at its peak in preparation for the festive season.  In four days, Japanese Restaurant An and Pizza Salvatore Cuomo (Y’s Table Dining & Bar – Shanghai) will begin its delivery service of bentos and pizzas to buildings surrounding the SWFC.  Shortly after, I return to Tokyo to follow up on other events.
A big thanks to all the customers who attended the opening of the Ikebukero restaurant yesterday evening!  Your support is greatly appreciated!

PS: The MK Taxis in Tokyo are definitely some of the best taxis I've taken in this city! Great service and comfortable seats...

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Bottega Hampers 2009/クリスマスハンパー2009


Bottega’s Christmas Hampers

Searching endlessly for Christmas gift ideas?  Well search no longer!  Come and select one of four luxurious hampers filled with various delights from Bottega (Y’s Table delicatessen in Shanghai) ranging from CNY 268 to CNY 2500.


クリスマスプレゼントはもう見つかりましたか?もうこれ以上悩まなくてもいいですよ!BOTTEGA(上海のY’s table のデリ)から色々入った豪華な4つのハンパーがあるので、是非来て選んでください!

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X'mas Cake 2/クリスマスケーキ2

December is near, the winter chill has come upon us, and Christmas is approaching!  It is a time for enjoying delicious feasts and for devouring sinful cakes and desserts!  At the Y’s Table Dining & Bar in Shanghai, our Pastry Chef Andrea, has created a delightful array of mouth watering cakes for Christmas this year!  Below is just a hint of what we’re offering to gourmets gearing up for the festive season!

12月ももうすぐです。寒い冬が近づいてきました。そして、クリスマスがいよいよそこまで!美味しいご馳走とケーキやデザートをむさぼる時期です!上海のY's table Dinig & The BARではパティシエのアンドレアが今年のクリスマス用によだれが出るほどおいしそうな素晴らしいデコレーションをつくってくれました。下のケーキは年末に向けて準備をするグルメたちへのちょっとした提案です!  

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X'mas Cake from Bottega Shanghai../クリスマスケーキFromBOTTEGA(上海)



Bottega Cake Orders

Bottega has now started taking orders for its special Christmas cakes. For anyone looking to add some sweetness and spice to their December festivities, call Bottega now to order your own sumptuous cake to share with your loved ones!

Bookings: +86 21 6877 6865


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明日オープンするSALVATORE CUOMO & BAR 池袋では




In Ikebukuro, from 18-30 November 2009, all customers will enjoy a 20% discount on all food & beverage as a special opening promotional offer. One dish I highly recommend is the Condor Pizza which includes cimma di rapa (a type of broccoli native to Naples), fresh mozzarella cheese and Italian sausage. We look forward to welcoming you to our new restaurant and buon appetito of course!

URL: Salvatore Cuomo & BAR Ikebukuro

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今日は明日オープンするお店、SALVATORE  CUOMO & BAR 池袋にやってきました。




Salvatore Cuomo & Bar

Today we opened a new Salvatore Cuomo & Bar in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.  Offering a choice of 100 different new and old world wines, the bar’s walls are adorned with 1000 bottles that will have wine aficionados salivating!  Wine by the glass starts at JPY 380 and for those who may wish to enjoy other alcoholic beverages also have a long list to choose from. Prices remain reasonable for both food and beverages, taking on an “Izakaya” approach to dining.

Salvatore Cuomo e BAR Ikebukuro:

URL: delivery MENU


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Issimo promotion...




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Itzumo konderu flight../いつも混んでるフライト・・・

Itzumo konderu flight..
Kono Shanghai yuki wa itumo konderu..
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Tokyo ni modorimasu../東京に戻ります・・・

Tokyo ni modorimasu..
Ima kara Tokyo ni mukatte shippatu shimasu..1nichi dake Shanghai ni uchiawase ni kite kyou month Tokyo 1nichi desu..asu mata China ni modotte kimasu..senshu wa kanari kitzui schedule deshita..1shukan de 8kai mo hikoki ni noru koto ni narimashita...
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Poulet Chasseur.../

Poulet Chasseur

A traditional dish made to warm the soul during the chilly autumn months, poulet chasseur’s smoky and rich flavors will have any hunter stop in his tracks!

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Shanghai An delivery../上海のAnのデリバリー


iyo iyo to saigou no uchiawase ni airimashita...Shanghai no SWFC kara kondo no 23 nichi ni start shimasu...saisho wa bashou ghente shitemasu kedo,sugu ni area hiroghemasu no de gohanshin kudasai...


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Brochure Delivery An Shanghai.../上海のAnデリバリーチラシ




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Kichijyouji Pizza Salvatore Cuomo last event.../ピッツァサルヴァトーレ吉祥寺最後のイベント

Kyou wa Kichijyouji no Isetan nai ni aru Pizza Salvatore Cuomo no shop de saigou no dinner event ga okonawaremashita...Zannen na koto niwa rainen no 3 gatu ni Isetan jitai ga tettai shimasu no de omise wo heiten shimasu...Arigatou gozaimashita...

今日は吉祥寺の伊勢丹内にあるPIZZA SALVATORE CUOMO 吉祥寺で最後のディナーイベントが行われました・・・残念なことに、来年の3月に伊勢丹自体がっ撤退しますので、お店を閉店します・・・ありがとうございました・・・






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Japanese Sake promotion in An at SWFC:/日本酒のプロモーション(上海SWFC)



SAKE LOVERS, TAKE NOTE! Special sake promotion now on at Y’s Table – Japanese Cuisine An (Shanghai)! Enjoy a hot bottle of sake after work with colleagues or friends to keep the winter chill at bay.

Y's Table & The BAR (Shanghai World Financial Center)

日本酒好きの方、必見です!特別な日本酒のプロモーションを上海のY's table Dining & The BARで開催しています!仕事終わりに同僚や友人と熱燗を楽しんでください。冬の寒さを吹っ飛ばしてください!


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Taipei airline lounge.../台北の空港のラウンジ・・・

Chinese cucine wo Airlains no lounge de taberu nara koko Taipei desu!!Shanghai demo Chinese dete kuru kedou ichiban wa koko desu(China air lines)








Buon appetito


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From Taipei.../台北から…

Kyou wa Enzo to Giorgio ishou ni atarashii location wo mini kimashita...Chikai uchi ni koko demo toujyo suru kamo shiremasen ne...



Tabe ni kita Italian restaurant wa Tutto Bello(kore wa mama deshita...)Taipei dewa Top to yuwarete imasu kedou...

食べに来たイタリアンレストランはTutto Bello(これはまーまーでした・・・)台北ではトップといわれていますけど・・・


Tada Hotel wa subarashii katta!!!






Ming_yuen11 Itemimage_31

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From Shanghai..../上海から、、、


Kyou wa kondou kara Shanghai no Y's Table de start suru Washoku no delivery nop satzue desu>>>kyou wa chef dewa nakutte Camera man desu...

今日は今度から上海のY's table dining & The BARでスタートする和食のデリバリーの撮影です>>>今日はシェフではなく、カメラマンです。。。




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Pizzetta at Shaghai.../上海のピッツェッタ

これが今一番に売れている商品です。Y's table Dining & the BARにあるBOTTEGAの商品です・・・ピッツェッタ。以前日本ではこれ専門のお店を品川駅の中に作りましたが、日本では難しかったです。ただし、上海では違います。かなり売れてます。もちろんこの中にはPIZZA SALVATORE CUOMOもありますので、専門的にナポリのピッツァを食べたい方にはお店で召し上がってもらえます。時間が無い方にはこれを買っていきます。



Ichiban ii poit wa kono mimi desu...



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Fly to Shanghai../上海へ、、、

Fly to Shanghai..
Mata kyou kara Shanghai ni airimasu..konkai no mokuteki Shanghai de delivery wo start shimasu no de sore no satzue to chirashi menu no set up desu..asatte kara Taiwan de 5 nichi gou niwa Seoul iri shimasu..kanari isougashii 1shukan ni narimasu kedo..gambarimasu..
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