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My Apple TEA.../私のアップルティー・・・

Normally an avid fan of the Sony VAIO PCs, I was finally convinced by a few (designer) friends to purchase an Apple MAC as I've been more and more involved in photo shootings for our numerous brochures and menus.  I have to say, the results have been extremely gratifying!  No matter for what kind of design, photo formatting etc., MAC is definitely the way to go.  The images take on a new meaning, and even an amateur would have professional designers convinced...  I was actually hesitant to change, fearing I would end up spending far too much time trying to adjust to apple's software, however, it ended up being much easier than I thought.  So here is just a glimpse of my new "pride and joy" accompanied, quite appropriately, by a nice cup of hot apple/fruit tea (my nightly brew before bed)!



November 26, 2009 |


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