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Osechi at Shanghai:上海のおせち

I just finished taking photos of our New Year Osechi sets here in Y's table Dining and The BAR Shanghai...  There is a slight difference between Japan and Shanghai when I'm getting ready for Osechi season...  Here, I actually have to take the photographs too...  3 hours photo shooting for two Osechi sets...  I'm feeling slightly worn out...  It has been a long day...

今やっと上海のY's table Dining & The BARの"お正月おせち"の撮影が終わりました・・・おせちの準備では日本と上海とで少し違いがありました。ここでは実際に私が写真を撮らなければいけません・・・3時間で2種類のおせちを撮影しました・・・ちょっと疲れました・・・とっても長い一日です・・・

Y's table Shanghai is Offering 2 Osechi sets this year and the prices are as follows: CNY 700: 2 level box / CNY 1000: 3 level box

上海のY's tableは2種類のおせちをご用意しています。CNY700:2段/CNY1000:3段

Call Y's table Shanghai NOW and order your New Year Osechi!!  The VERY special offer is limited to only 150 pieces! 




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