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Today's lunch - nori bento (Seaweed bento)/今日のランチ・海苔弁当

Since the launch of our bento delivery here at the Y's table Shanghai, I have been eating a bento every day (that makes 4 days in a row)...  This one in particular has been a favorite of our loyal Japanese clients - the Nori Bento (seaweed bento) which includes fish croquette, meat croquette, mentaiko (marinated roe of Pollock), seaweed and rice.  Keep the orders coming!! And Buon appetito!!

上海のY's tableでお弁当のデリバリーを告知して以来、毎日(4日連続)お弁当を食べています・・・これは我々の特別な日本人のクライアントに大好評です。「海苔弁当」魚とお肉のコロッケと明太子、そして海苔とご飯が入っています。注文お待ちしています!!ボナペティート!!

November 26, 2009 |


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