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Tzukiji Ghindako at Shanghai:上海の築地銀だこ

Today I would like to introduce one of our food stations here at the Y's table Dining and the BAR in Shanghai...  This is Gindako, the first of the highly popular Japanese "takoyaki" (Octopus dumplings) chain outlets to open in mainland China so far.  So for Japanese food lovers, stop by our restaurant and grab a box of 8 piping hot dumplings, covered in delicious sauce and  dried "dancing" bonito flakes to consume on-site or take it to go!

今日はうちのY's table Dining & The BARにある銀だこを紹介します。中国初の出店でここでしか今のところ買えません。お待ちしていています。

Buon Appetito!!!

URL:Tzukiji Ghindako

November 25, 2009 |


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