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Ume Cha../梅茶・・



Umeboshi (Japanese sour plum) is one of my favorite snacks.  The tartness of the plum practically has me falling off my chair each time I pop one into my mouth, and yet, I'm so addicted, I can eat these things by the dozen...  This obviously doesn't do wonders for the stomach though... 


Aside from being eaten on its own, this little treat can be added to a variety of beverages and dishes for a little extra kick.  I personally enjoy a cup of hot Japanese green tea with an ume plum floating within - relishing its tart yet delicate essence in harmony with the slight bitterness of the tea.


Another very particular yet nourishing tea is the Kombu Cha.  This tea blends the flavors of both Japanese dried seaweed together with the delicate aromas of green tea.


Both are very simple to make...  Brew your favorite Japanese green tea (mine is the gen mai cha that comprises of green tea leaves and popped rice) and add either an ume plum or a few slivers of Kombu to your green tea and steep for about 3 mins before taking a sip of the revitalising essence.


I normally drink these 2 types of tea on days I am not feeling well, or when I have come down with a cold.  This is not to say they are a remedy for illness, but somehow they give me a bit of a lift when I'm not feeling 100%...


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