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Y's Table & The BAR Shanghai Season's Greetings 2009~2010 brochure


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Only 5 more days until the beginning of December; the month I consider to be the official start of the festive season!  This important period also marks the launch of Shanghai Y's table Dining & The BAR's first newsletter edition, created exclusively for the month of December.

もう後5日で12月です。この月は華やかなシーズンの始まりだと思っています。また、この重要な時期である12月のために上海Y's table Dining & The BAR初めてのパンフレットができます。

This holiday season edition shares exciting information about our different outlets' special menus (for Christmas Eve and day, New Year's Eve & day and other offers for December), Bottega's exquisite Christmas hampers and cakes, as well as The Kitchen Salvatore and Issimo's Christmas and New Year'specials. 

この祝日版は我々の特別メニュー(クリスマスイブ、クリスマス、大晦日、元旦、その他の依頼日のための)や(The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo やissimoのクリスマス&正月メニューと同じくらい良い)繊細なボッテガのクリスマスハンパーやケーキの情報が載っています。

More newsletters will follow, though more on a seasonal basis (the next newsletter will include the months of January, February and March in one).  This means I will be kept very busy, accompanied by my photography kit and MAC as I have now been dubbed the official photographer for food and promotional shots!!


We look forward to sharing this joyful period with you and your loved ones!  Make your bookings or order your hampers, cakes and osechi now!



Y's table Dining & The BAR: +(86 21) 6877 6865

The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo: +(86 21) 5054 0765

Issimo: +(86 21) 6217 9000

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