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In Seoul Today:今日のソウル


On my way to Seoul today, I simply had to snap a shot of beautiful Mt. Fuji from the airplane...  I have flown over this mountain many times, yet I still remain mesmerized by its tranquil beauty...



This is by far the sweetest and most succulent kiwi I have ever tasted - the red kiwi!  Refreshing and juicy, this kiwi pictured above is actually grown in Korea.  I'm hoping that I will be crossing paths with this furry fruit soon enough in Japan as I have not yet seen it there.


the Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo Seoul
Here I am at The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo in Seoul with our Executive Chef Genaro, who's working up a storm...  Originally from Japan, Genaro has been stationed in Seoul since the pre-opening days of the restaurant to guide and lead the team.  They've been doing a great job so far and are all committed to offering only the freshest of ingredients and the tastiest of Italian fare to our customers!  So if you have the chance, when in Seoul, do stop by and see what Genaro and his team have to offer!  I assure you, you won't be disappointed!

僕は今ソウルのThe Kitchen Salvatore Cuomoに、われらのエグゼクティブシェフで嵐のように働いているジェナーロと一緒にいます。もともと日本出身で、レストランのオープニングからソウルにいてくれて、我々のチームをガイドしてリードしてくれています。これまで彼らはとても素晴らしい活躍をしてきてくれていて、新鮮な食材だけを仕入れ、お客様に美味しいイタリアンを熱心に提供してきてくれました。なのでソウルに行ったときチャンスがあれば、ジェナーロと彼のチームに会いに、そしてお料理を食べに行ってください!絶対がっかりさせないと僕が保証します!

Pizza at Seoul
Here our Pizzaiolos are baking authentic Neapolitan pizzas to perfection!  Trained from A-Z within our company, they are now professionals getting fresh, piping hot pizzas onto a plate, and ready to serve in under 1 minute & 30 seconds!   


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