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Healthy Vegetarian lunch.../健康的なベジタリアンランチ・・・

Being on the constant move, with endless business dinners, airplane food or eating (sometimes junk/fast food) on the run, its nice to sometimes just prepare a simple lunch, healthy and plain...  One of the easiest yet flavorful dishes is a plate of grilled and steamed veggies; add a generous drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, salt and freshly ground black pepper and down the hatch the healthy buggers go.  As most know, eating for me is a pleasure and has to be enjoyable...  The aspect of the food (as well as the texture) is key, so I like to be sure to combine a variety of vegetables of different sorts to resemble a paint palatte.  Here's what lunch consisted of today: grilled radicchio, grilled bell peppers (yellow and red) and steamed dutch snow peas and an extra bowl of grated carrots with vinaigrette dressing.  I guess all the meat eating in Korea had me want to take a small break from being the carnivore I usually am...



December 9, 2009 |


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