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Pizza Napoletana S.T.G./ナポリピッツァのSTG


.Neapolitan pizza acquire the STG label
Today, wednsday the 9th od december at 1 p.m. in Bruxelles we got (togheter with APN) the european STG label for pizza napoletana.
The european commition deliberate this evening, wednsday the 9th of december, and after eight years of agreements, deals, feats and changement the disciplinare.
Anyway let me tell you something about the future I see for the Neapolitan pizza world and for this Seal: after the parties that are going to start from this evening and apart from the people who weren't involved in the process but now are ready to be first in the cue of the winners, the two associations who thought and who presented the disciplinare STG in the 2001 should have the responsability to make a great changement to improve the immage of Chef Pizzaiuolo and of the neapolitan pizza in general. So these are the goals of the new "consorzio di tutela della pizza napoletana STG" that will be formed by our association and the Pizzaiuoli napoletani association: training and improvement for Chef pizzaiuoli and agreements with the farmers and producers. Also the STG rules respect will be very important and must be controlled. Let's have parties and cheers now, but please don't forget our mission...


(STG:伝統的特産品保証 Specialita' tradizionale garantita)


Associazzione Verace Pizza Napoletana


The Vice-President
Dr. Massimo Di Porzio


December 10, 2009 |


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