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Its been a while since I last had fish.../最後に魚を食べてから・・・


Today I found a lovely red scorpion fish in a Japanese super market and decided to fry it using a Chinese method but using western herbs (rosemary, oregano and garlic).  To my delight the result was actually quite delicious!  There's nothing like a nice tasty fresh fish for dinner!



I also ordered some sushi to go from Sushi An (Y's table Shanghai)...  Sometimes its nice to have a dinner of just fish...

僕はまたY's table上海のSushi Anから寿司をオーダーしました。たまに夕食に魚を食べるのは良いですね・・・



December 29, 2009 |


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Deep fried fish is so good itself but I must try stuffing herbs. That sounds really yummy.

Posted by: Aki Graham | Dec 29, 2009, 3:11:35 AM

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