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Today's Brunch.../今日のブランチ

A new day has started, and I feel its going to be a long one...  I normally skip breakfast in the mornings, either because I don't have the time, or simply because I don't have the appetite.  But these past few days, since I've been forced to take anti-biotics to cure this awful cough of mine, food in the belly is a must.  And so I took the liberty of cooking myself a quick brunch to get me going for the day that lies ahead... 


What was on my brunch menu?  1) Omelette w/ parmesan cheese and Italian herbs 2) sauteed yellow cherry tomatoes w/ oregano 3) Frankfurter sausages...  After the meal, a few pills (my medicine + vitamins) down the hatch and off I go...


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December 2, 2009 |


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