TV shooting../テレビ撮影

TV shoting..
Kinou kara Nippon ni kaette kimashita..kyou wa asa kara Salvatore Cuomo Ningyou cho de satzue desu!!
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昨日から日本に帰ってきました。。今日は朝からSALVATORE CUOMO & BAR 人形町で撮影です!!

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This stay in Tokyo was a short one... / 短い滞在・・・

Mijikai taizai..

I was terribly sick for 2 days due to a very bad flu, though it is the busiest time of the year for me.  Already I have to leave again for Shanghai and I'm not sure if I can make it back to Tokyo in time for the New Year.  New Year's for me is still the most enjoyable in Japan, so I'm keeping fingers crossed that I can return before the 31st...  In the meantime, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!
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風邪で倒れこんでしまいました・・・今回は東京に2日だけでした・・・かなり忙しい2日間でした・・・今日からまた上海入りで正月までにまた戻れるかどうか分かりません。日本の正月の雰囲気が一番好きなので出来れば仁尾hんに帰って来たいけれど・・・今のことろは分かりません。遅れて申し訳ございませんが、Merry X'mas!!

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Stange atmosphere../奇妙な雰囲気・・・

Stange atmosphere..
This year for some reason, it simply doesn't feel like Christmas no matter where I go in the world...  Perhaps due to budget issues related to this challenging year of 2009...  In any case, I'm hoping that the Christmas spirit in 2010 will be a more joyous one.
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My dinner tonight delivered from our Shirokane & Roppongi Hills restaurants/今夜の食事は白金と六本木ヒルズのレストランからデリバリーしました


Succulent charcoal grilled chicken accompanied by oven-roasted rosemary baby potatoes and melts-in-your-mouth creamy polenta.



Tantalizing lasagna loaded with fresh imported mozzarella (flown in from Naples) and tender chunks of beef cheek.



Fresh crispy fritto misto of Zucchini, pumpkin, bell pepper, baby squid, shrimp, and seaweed zeppole (a typical Neapolitan style savory "doughnut").



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Only with the Isetan group:/伊勢丹グループ限定

Special New Year Osechi set sold just at Isetan department Store in Japan.


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Nice weather in Tokyo today!/今日の東京はとても良い天気!

Nice wather at Tokyo today.

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Mamma mia!/マンマミーア!

Mamma mia!
Not enough time to step out for even 2 mins...  My dinner tonight consisted of a "cardiac arrest sandwich" made with potato croquette and egg puree (more like mayonnaise with a smidgen of egg somewhere in there) delivered to the office... 

Ragazzi manca troppo il tempo...



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New Delivery style:新しいデリバリーを始めました

We will now be offering a new type of "executive" delivery for the Roppongi and Shirokane areas of Tokyo.  The food will be prepared by our restaurant instead of by the delivery chain.  Wine is now also included in the delivery menu for those who particularly enjoy pairing their food with a great bottle.  Check out our new menu below:


 Salvatore Cuomo


Salvatore Cuomo new delivery style
buon appetito!!


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The first Space beer in the World..Made in Japan by Sapporo beer/世界初宇宙のビールbyサッポロビール(日本)

Amazing new beer from Sapporo!!  This particular beer "Sapporo Space Barley" was made from barely whose seedlings traveled space for 5 months.  It is a limited edition with only 600 bottles produced.  Sold in packs of 6, the hefty price amounts to 10,000 JPY (equivalent to approx. USD 114).  For more details, see the info below regarding how this beer was produced...


In collaboration with Dr. Sugimoto, Associate Professor, (Speciality" Cytomolecular Biochemistry) of the Research Institute for Bioresources, Okayama University (Kurashiki City, "Okayama University) and the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences", Sapporo Breweries, Ltd. (Head office: Tokyo; President: Masaru Fukunaga) test brewed the first-in-the world beer brewed from the seedlings of barleycorn that traveled the space, "SAPPORO Space Barley." Most of the only 100 litters of brewed beer will be used for experiments, but we would like to offer part of the beer for tasting events to be held at six brewries in Japan (Hokkaido, Sendai, Nasu, Chiba, Shizuoka and Shinkyushu,) inviting 60 persons (30 pairs) of customers.
The beer was brewed as part of the joint research with Okayama University conducted to exploit possibilities of barleycorn for beer in space, "Studies of Impact of Extreme Environmental Stresses on Barley" and uses 100% of the "seedlings of barleycorn that traveled the space."
Regarding the malt used for the beer, seeds of "Haruna Nijo," beer barley developed by Sapporo Breweries that stayed in space for five months in the Russian Research Modules of the International Space Station were broght back to earth, cultivated at our experimental field of Bioresearch and Development Department at our Gunma Plant and successfully harvested in this May.
We plan to offer opportunities for the invited guests to taste "Space Barley," be awarded the certificate of tasting and tour the breweries.
Next year, in addition to this series of events, we also plan to hold a "space class" and an event to "roast and taste barley tea" for local children at these breweries by taking advantage of the "seedlings of barleycorn that traveled the space" still under cultivation.
Sapporo Breweries hopes to contribute to awareness-raising about the space as well as the advancement of space science and children's education and continue to pursue possibilities of food and drink in space.


1. Product name:SAPPORO Space Barley
2. Material:Malt, hops
3. Content features:100% use of the the seedlings of barleycorn that traveled the space for five months
Alcoholic content: 5.5%
4. Volume/Number per package:330ml in a one-way bottle
5. Design:A chic design with Navy blue graduation representing the space set with stars, featuring the product name like a shooting star. Barley is an English word.
6. Manufacturing plant:Nasu Breweries, Sapporo Breweries



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Wine Dinner at XeX Daikanyama tonight:ワインディナーXEX代官山(今夜!)

Download:  「2009.pdf」XeX Daikanyama

This evening at the XeX Daikanyama (Tokyo), we have a very special wine pairing dinner organized by our Head Sommmelier (Mr.Satake) and our head Chef Mr.Yamane both of the XeX Group...  I wish those of you attending this event an enjoyable dinner with plenty of enjoyable wine drinking!  Always a fabulous way to start the weekend!


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