Menu: Amaro at Y's Table Shanghai/上海Y's table"Amaro"メニュー



Come and savor a very special dinner menu "Menu Amaro" created (and will be prepared) by Chef Salvatore Cuomo himself:

Venue: Y's table - Pizza Salvatore Cuomo & Grill, Shanghai World Financial Center

Date: Thursday, 10 December 2009

Time: 19:30 - 22:00

Note: Limited to only 50 seats! 

Price: CNY 600 (food only) / CNY 900 (wine pairing menu)

Chef Cuomo’s menu that is based on the theme of “bitterness”, stemmed from his great interest in the culinary theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine, following the philosophy that it is essential to enrich the body’s “yin” and subdue the body’s “yang” energies by eating foods with bitter flavors during the winter season.  Reflecting Salvatore’s heritage, the menu offers a delicate fusion of both the Italian and Japanese cuisines. This very special 8 course menu is offered at CNY 600 (food only) per person or at CNY 900 per person including specially selected wines to be paired with each of the dishes.

Make your bookings now at Y’s table: Tel: +(86 21) 6877 6865

Pizza Salvatore Cuomo & Grill Shanghai

Amuse Bouche: 

An assortment of 3 delights


L' Antipasto:

Succulent pan-fried Foie Gras atop a delicate slice of Unagi, accompanied by Gari (Japanese pickeled ginger)


La Zuppa:

Light and fluffy Porcini Mushroom Chawanmushi (Japanese savory egg pudding) topped with a rich Porcini Coulis


Il Pesce:

Bitter Lobster alla Laurent Perrier accompanied by a smooth cauliflower puree


Il Sorbetto:

Refreshing Ginger Sorbetto to revive the palate


La Carne:

Succulent lamb chops smoked in an air-tight jar


La Pasta:

Home-made Tagliolini tossed with a creamy Shanghai crab sauce


Il Formaggio:

A selection of Italian cheeses served with home-made walnut bread


Il Dolce:

Amaro #3 (Andrea)

サルヴァトーレ・クオモ自身がクリエイトしたスペシャルディナーメニュー"メニューAmaro" を是非ご堪能ください。

会場: Y's table - PIZZA SALVATORE CUOMO & GRILL 上海ワールドフィナンシャルセンター

日程: 2009年12月10日(木)

時間: 19:30 - 22:00

備考: 50席限定! 

価格: CNY 600 (食事のみ) / CNY 900 (ワイン付き)

サルヴァトーレシェフのメニューは"ビター"というテーマに基づいて作られました。そしてそれは彼が中国の伝統的な薬への深い関心からきています。それは体の"陰"を豊かにするため、冬の季節に食べ物や苦い調味料を食べることによって体の「陽」エネルギーを抑圧することが重要であるという哲学によります。 サルヴァトーレの伝統を反映して日本とイタリアの繊細な融合~成ります。 彼の非常に特別な8つのコースメニューは、お一人様CNY600(フードオンリー)CNY900(それぞれのお料理に特別にセレクトされたワインがセット)でご提供いたします。

ご予約はこちらまでY’s table: Tel: +(86 21) 6877 6865

Pizza Salvatore Cuomo & Grill Shanghai





ジューシーにソテーしたフォアグラ にうなぎの繊細なスライス ガリを添えて



軽くてふわっとした ポルチーニ茸 の茶碗蒸し  リッチなポルチーニのクーリーを添えて



ビターロブスターを ローランペリエで 滑らかなカリフラワーピューレとともに









自家製タリオリーニ クリーミーな上海蟹のソース






Amaro #3 (アンドレア)

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Atago XeX special Event: Dec.05/12月5日XEX ATAGO GREEN HILLSのイベント


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From Issimo & Jia Shanghai "year-end events"/Issimo & Jia Shanghaiから年末イベントのお知らせ


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Wine Dinner at Daikanyama XeX:/ワインディナー@XEX代官山




Last Friday evening on Nov. 27, Daikanyama XeX hosted a special wine dinner organized both by Mr. Satake (Head Sommelier of Y's table Corporation) and Chef Yamane (Executive Chef of XeX Group).  Customers who attended this event received the recipe for one of the key dishes - the pasta - which they could take home to attempt to cook on their own.  We plan on organizing more of these events in the future to encourage our guests to try a few of our recipes in the comfort of their own kitchens. 

先週の金曜の夜(11月27日) XEX 代官山で佐竹氏(Y's table CORPORATIONのチーフソムリエ)と山根シェフ(XEXグループのエグゼクティブシェフ)によるスペシャルワインディナーが開催されました。このイベントに参加されたお客様は鍵となる夜いの一つのレシピが渡されました。それは、-パスターで、ご家庭で調理していただけるように、もって替えれるようにしました。我々はお客様が自宅で快適に調理が出来るように我々のいくつかのレシピをオススメできるイベントを近々計画するようにします。

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Cooking lessons in Shanghai:料理教室in上海

We are offering Italian cooking classes for anyone who loves to spend time in the kitchen for their own pleasure or for the pleasure of others!  In the future we plan on expanding the lessons to include Japanese, Korean and Chinese cuisines as well as bread making.  Our dedicated Chef Boscariello has been teaching Italian cuisine for several months now with great success!  Next February and March, I will be hosting several of the cooking classes myself.  For any Italian food fans out there, I will be keeping you posted for my classes very soon!  For booking classes, call Y's table Shanghai for more details.  Classes are normally held on Saturdays, however, for groups of 6 or more people, we can extend flexibility for week days too.  Y's table +(86 21) 6877 6865

私たちは自分やそれ以外の人たちの喜びのためにキッチンで時間を過ごすことが好きな人たちのためにイタリアン料理教室を開催しています。近々、私たちは日本料理や韓国料理や中華料理やパン作りにも拡大していくつもりです。私たちの専属シェフ、ボスカリエッロは何ヶ月間かイタリアンを教えていてとても成功しています!次回2月と3月は僕が料理教室をいくつかやるつもりです。イタリア料理ファンのために公表し近々この教室について投稿します!この教室に申し混むには上海のY's table へ電話して詳細を聞いてください。教室は通常土曜日に行われますが、6かそれ以上の人数のグループだと、私たちはフレキシブルに延期することも出来ます。

上海Y's table +(86 21) 6877 6865


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Sake & Yakitori BAR in Y's Table Shanghai:上海のY's tableの酒と焼き鳥BAR




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Buon Giorno Zuwaigani...(Grancevola artica)



Today our new Zuwaigani crab promotion begins at our XeX restaurants in Tokyo and Osaka.  In celebration of Hokkaido's famed succulent winter crab we have created a special tasting menu for Japanese food aficionados and seafood fans alike.  Residing in the sand and mud around 200 to 450 meters below the surface, these giant crustaceans are caught by giant nets sweeping the sea floor.  The delicate and tender meat of these long legged creatures is most often eaten as sashimi or bathed in a shabu-shabu hotpot.  We look forward to welcoming you to XeX very soon to savor these seasonal crabs! 


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Osechi Japan..XeX group:/日本の"おせち"



Traditionally, the first 3 days of the New Year were symbolically meant to be days of rest.  Housewives who were the cooks of the family were therefore banned from doing any work in the kitchen.  And so, to keep the bellies of their loved ones full over the New Year, the women of the household would spend several days before New Year's Eve preparing the Osechi bentos for the entire family to eat.

As the generations have changed over recent years, less and less women stay at home or have time to prepare Osechi before New Year's and so, LET US DO THE WORK FOR YOU!

Today is the start of our Osechi (cold bento meal) offer in Japan!  This year, Chef Omae, Patissier Tsujiguchi, Barrista Paul Bassett and myself have created an exquisite 3 layer Osechi box comprising of both Japanese and Italian delicacies for the whole family and friends to enjoy.

Order your Osechi set online NOW on the XeX Premium website!




Please check our web site!
Url: Osechi Japan1
Online order: Osechi Japan

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Today's fresh fish from market at Pizza Salvatore Cuomo Shanghai(PART2)





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Y's Table & The BAR Shanghai Season's Greetings 2009~2010 brochure


Dowload: X'mas_brochure_22.pdf 


Dowload:  X'mas_brochure_1.pdf


Only 5 more days until the beginning of December; the month I consider to be the official start of the festive season!  This important period also marks the launch of Shanghai Y's table Dining & The BAR's first newsletter edition, created exclusively for the month of December.

もう後5日で12月です。この月は華やかなシーズンの始まりだと思っています。また、この重要な時期である12月のために上海Y's table Dining & The BAR初めてのパンフレットができます。

This holiday season edition shares exciting information about our different outlets' special menus (for Christmas Eve and day, New Year's Eve & day and other offers for December), Bottega's exquisite Christmas hampers and cakes, as well as The Kitchen Salvatore and Issimo's Christmas and New Year'specials. 

この祝日版は我々の特別メニュー(クリスマスイブ、クリスマス、大晦日、元旦、その他の依頼日のための)や(The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo やissimoのクリスマス&正月メニューと同じくらい良い)繊細なボッテガのクリスマスハンパーやケーキの情報が載っています。

More newsletters will follow, though more on a seasonal basis (the next newsletter will include the months of January, February and March in one).  This means I will be kept very busy, accompanied by my photography kit and MAC as I have now been dubbed the official photographer for food and promotional shots!!


We look forward to sharing this joyful period with you and your loved ones!  Make your bookings or order your hampers, cakes and osechi now!



Y's table Dining & The BAR: +(86 21) 6877 6865

The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo: +(86 21) 5054 0765

Issimo: +(86 21) 6217 9000

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Mr.Giorgio...from Bottega:ジョルジョFromボッテガ

Happy Thanksgiving from >Bottega!
Today Y's table Shanghai - Bottega is offering a special turkey lunch menu, served with brussel sprout and grilled pumpkin.
This special menu was a HUGEsuccess and sold out after 30 minutes!!!


今日は上海のY's tableでBOTTEGAがグリルしたカボチャとメキャベツ添えのスペシャルターキーランチメニューを提供しています。


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Good Morning...おはようございます・・・

Issimo by Salvatore Cuomo in Shanghai

If there's one thing we know how to do best, its to kick back, relax and enjoy life!  Come to Issimo and kick start your weekend with an aperitif - the Italian way - enjoying aromatic wines and refreshing cocktails, as well as tatalizing appetizers!

上海のissimo by Salvatore Cuomoでの新しいプロモーションです。毎週金曜日にはAperitivoタイムをスタートさせました。内容はワイン1杯かカクテルを選んでもらって、そこには前菜のブッフェもあって、食べ放題です。金額はRMB80です。お待ちしています。

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